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Alan Case

Allan Case.jpg

Field Operations Manager

Allan Case first started his safety career in 2010 and received his bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health from Millersville University. Before entering the safety field, Allan received his associate’s degree in welding and metal fabrication from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. In the mid-2000’s, he served in the United States Army as a Combat Engineer and still lives by the motto “Essayons” meaning “Let us try.”

Allan has been able to experience multiple types of industries and aspects of safety and health but finds construction to be his preferred area of interest. He has had the privilege to take training and earn multiple certifications and qualifications that aid him in having a unique perspective when it comes to finding solutions to problems, not just in safety, but in the everyday workplace. Some of his safety credentials include: Graduate Safety Practitioner, OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer, American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, OSHA 510 and OSHA 500.

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