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Ground Resistance Testing & Ground System Installation

Caliber Field Services has developed a niche service in regard to grounding transmission line structures and systems. CFS houses the necessary testing equipment, qualified staff and certified testers to properly and accurately test the grounding of electrical systems.


Ground Resistance Testing

Caliber Field Services, Inc offers qualified personnel to perform ground resistance testing.  Understanding how to properly test the ground resistance is vital in the professional evaluation and installation of grounding systems. All field employees of CFS are AEMC certified to operate the AEMC 6472 & 6474 testing units. With proper testing information, CFS have experienced and qualified crews & equipment to install the appropriate ground resistance systems in distribution, transmission and substation environments.

Types of testing include:

  • Soil Resistivity Testing

  • Fall of Potential (3-pole) Testing

  • Tower Testing

  • Clamp on Technology Testing

  • Bond Resistivity Testing

  • Touch and Step Potential Testing 

  • Testing methods of ground testing on structures surrounded by concrete or rock.


Ground System Installation

Caliber Field Services staff has worked with utility line engineers, ground testing manufacturing engineers and numerous utility line contractors in developing procedures and methods of achieving proper grounding of systems on transmission line and substation projects.  Various condition experiences and knowledge afford CFS the ability to execute the appropriate method, given the specific condition.


Methods used include the following: 

  • Standard Driven Ground Rod Installations

  • Standard Counterpoise Installation

  • Grounding Plate Installations

  • Standard and Deep Ground Well Installations

  • Electrolytic Grounding System Installations (ground well or chem-rod)


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