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Anchoring System Installation & Testing

Caliber Field Services, Inc staff has extensive experience in the installation and testing of various transmission and distribution structure anchoring systems as follows:


Anchor Systems:

  • Traditional guy anchoring systems on transmission and distribution systems

    • Plate anchors

    • Helical anchors

  • Mechanical rock anchoring systems

  • Post tension institute grouted rock anchoring systems

  • Hollow bar systems

  • Malone anchor systems

  • Micropile anchor systems

  • Bust anchor systems

  • Uplift mitigation


Anchor Testing:

Qualified and experienced in the testing of various anchoring systems

Proof & performance testing with certified testing equipment to various designed/ engineered specifications to include:

  • Compressive strength testing

  • Pull testing

  • Creep testing

Anchor Testing Equipment

  • Dynamometer

  • Hydraulic RAM Jack testing

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