Caliber Field Services Inc embraces safety as a top priority. Key individuals compile a safety team with OVER 30 years of safety training and certifications. 

A consistent safe work environment and safe work practices is the paramount priority of the staff at Caliber Field Services (CFS). CFS takes pride in efficiently delivering high quality services. Caliber Field Services behavior-based program, which reinforces positive behavior, is essential to superior Human Performance (HuP).  We recognize our employees for sharing the best practices and relaying that information with our customers, local unions, and other industry organizations. 


Based on the collective experience of both our management staff and field staff here at CFS our people have achieved high levels of performance based on the encouragement and reinforcement from leaders and peers within our industry.  This public recognition creates a valuable safe working culture and drives us toward our goal of a consistent safe work environment with zero incidents here at CFS.

Following are some of the work practices Caliber Field Services have implemented to best ensure our goal of a consistent safe work environment. 

  • Employee On-boarding Including Safety and Human Performance Expectations 

  • Site-Specific Safety Plans 

  • Thorough Safety-Focused Preconstruction Meetings 

  • Safety and Task Specific Training and Coaching 

  • Human Performance Training and Coaching 

  • Site Specific/ Pre-Task Hazard Analysis

  • Safety Committee Comprised of Management/Supervision, Field Staff and Administration 

  • Management and Safety Committee Review of All Incidents 

  • Post Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis 

  • Lessons Learned Used for Continuous Improvement 

  • Employee Safety Bulletins and Incident Alerts

  • Safety and Quality Timeout/ Stand Down Authority Policy for All CFS Staff 

Licenses & Certifications

AEMC Certified to use 6472 & 6474

AEMC Certified to Perform Ground Testing Resistant for Utilities & T-Line Contractors

First Aid/CPR/EMT Certifications

Pure Safety Certifications

OSHA 30 Safety Training

Explosive Blasters Permit

Blasters License for Demolition, General Blasting, Trenching, Construction

OSHA Hazardous Waste Operation & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

OSHA Certified in Construction Safety & Confined Space Entry

ISNetworld Contractor 400-542819

US DOT/MC #3303248

Hazmat CDL Licensed Employees 

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